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For construction contractors who are planning to start building soon, getting in touch with a reputable foundation contractor will be a good idea. In order to build a solid foundation for your structure, ATL Concrete Contractor is here to provide you with the options available. Building structures, whether large or small, rely on foundations that have been professionally designed. Our Atlanta, GA crew is all that you need to get the best results out of your construction project.

Types of Concrete Foundations

Concrete contractors are most commonly hired for the construction of foundations. Typically, there are three main types of foundations.

Slab Foundations

A slab foundation can be classified into three types, namely cold, wet and warm. In all three cases, batter boards are typically used to stake out the area, and the top layer of soil or sod is usually removed. Pour slab foundations are usually built with materials and tools similar to those used for pour concrete foundations. We provide the best slab concrete foundation and slab installation services in Atlanta, GA. We offer concrete slabs for garages and sheds, as well as home additions. 


Pier and Pillar Foundations

The foundation for a pier will simply be a slab on which a beam or post will rest. Foundations that are constructed using a crawlspace are usually built using simple piers. Pier footers are typically equipped with anchor plates and bolts before they are fully concreted in. It is therefore much easier to attach the beam or post, and therefore results in the strongest application. A pier’s foundation is most often deeply buried underground to avoid the upheaval and shifting caused by perennial freezing and thawing.

Poured Wall Foundations

The advantage of poured concrete foundations is that they do not have joints. There are also no weak spots. In all the concrete areas of the foundation, there are no cracks or hollow spaces.



Benefits of Concrete Foundation Services

Any of the above foundations can be built by ATL Concrete Contractor throughout the United States. Our concrete foundations offer the following benefits:


Concrete foundations are essential to the stability of structures. A crumbling foundation can lead to the collapse of the entire building. For this reason, our concrete foundations are made with high-quality products, which ensure the foundations last for a lifetime to benefit future generations.


Our foundation is customized to your project. The key for us is versatility. By doing this, your concrete will stay out from the crowd, and we will ensure that others follow your example to the letter.


We use products which are not only durable, but also environmentally friendly. All materials used by us are all environmentally friendly, so we won’t harm Mother Nature or her inhabitants.

Super Strong

Concrete foundations of this kind are undoubtedly the most important and major characteristic of any house or building. A foundation’s main purpose is to ensure the stability of the building. That’s what we do. The exceptional strength of the materials we use ensures that our structure won’t be shaken even by the most vicious winds and earthquakes.

Commercial Concrete Foundation Work

Our skills, experience, and equipment are sufficient to build a new foundation. Our technicians will ensure that the base of your home is strong and stable since every element of your house will rest on it. As soon as we study the blueprints of the future structure, we will prepare concrete, mesh, polythene slip membranes, several rakes, pairs of wellies, and other materials. We will bring all the materials and heavy-duty equipment to the site so we can begin working right away. 

By using local building codes, we are able to determine how much material is needed and what type of foundation you require. We understand the magnitude of our responsibility and do everything with precision. The trenches will be dug and concrete poured into them after we mark them out.

Our company provides professional construction management. We will start the job without delay after we discuss all the components of your project. The contractor at our firm understands our profession from top to bottom, so you can count on the results for this part of your project to be exceptional. Both residential and commercial projects can be handled by our experts. We deliver the best foundation work for warehouses, retail stores, office buildings, parking garages, and new home construction. 

With us, you can be sure the work will be done up to code and within the timeline we set, saving you significant time and money. Lastly, when it comes to money, you can bet that our rates are quite reasonable and we offer great discounts, too.






















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Make sure that your commercial or residential structure is structurally sound. It will be easier to save your home if you take action swiftly and safely. Get in touch with us right away!

We at ATL Concrete Contractors are the only name you will need to know when it comes to concrete foundations in Atlanta. Our work is celebrated for its quality, and we have results to prove it! You can expect exceptional workmanship from us when we work with you. We are the only concrete foundation company in Atlanta (GA) you need.