Frequently Asked Questions

How do concrete and cement differ?

Concrete and cement are not necessarily interchangeable, though there is a tendency to do so. The main ingredient in concrete is cement. In addition to aggregate materials, concrete mixtures also contain liquid and water.

When will my project be done?

The timeframe for your project can be significantly different, depending on its scope. Still, we can provide you with an approximate timeframe. For smaller jobs such as installing driveways and patios, we can have it done within two to five days. Larger projects, however, take between four and ten days to complete.

Is it normal for my concrete to crack?

Have you noticed any relatively small cracks? In that case, it is normal. The surface of every concrete surface is bound to crack over time – however, minor cracks will not have a negative impact on the concrete’s strength. Whether you need concrete repair service, concrete resurfacing service, or concrete removal service, ATL Concrete Contractors can provide it.

Is concrete recyclable?

Yes, of course! After concrete’s long service life is over, recycling is an easy process. In addition, your concrete may already contain recycled industrial byproducts.

Is concrete prone to cracking?

All concrete surfaces eventually crack, regardless of how durable they are. The curing process is subject to many different factors, from humidity fluctuations to water evaporation. It is normal for concrete to show minor cracks as the material ages. ATL Concrete Contractors is prepared to handle any problems that arise if they become out of hand.

Can I walk on concrete right away?

There will be some waiting time, but it depends on how it is finished. Foot traffic on standard brush-finished concrete surfaces starts as soon as they are poured. If the cement is stamped or exposed, we’ll need another day to pressure wash and seal it, so don’t walk on it until we’re done. Please keep in mind that these guidelines are only for foot traffic – wait a week or more before driving or parking on concrete.

Is it possible to do concrete work on my own?

Concrete installation is often done as a DIY project. Despite this, we don’t advise attempting this if you’re not already familiar with it. The result may be poor concrete surfaces at best, or severe injuries at worst if you’re not careful. ATL Concrete Contractors is an experienced concrete contractor that you may want to hire instead.

What is the recommended waiting period before using new concrete?

Concrete surfaces come in a variety of finishes. Within one day of pouring, you can walk on standard brush-finished concrete surfaces. However, it would be better if you waited an extra day before walking on stamped or exposed concrete so we could thoroughly clean and seal these surfaces. There is no timeframe for driving or parking on concrete, however – you will need to wait at least a week for that!

How do you describe the color of concrete?

Concrete is typically gray in color because most concrete mixtures contain cement of a gray hue. However, other colors are available. You can choose any color of concrete that you need from the team at ATL Concrete Contractors!

Is it possible to remove stains from concrete surfaces?

Yes, and there are several products available for that purpose. Stains can be removed by using soap, dish detergent, or even cat litter depending on the type of stain.

How should you choose a concrete contractor?

Finding an insured, licensed, and bonded concrete company is essential for your project. At ATL Concrete Contractors, we are fully qualified to take care of any residential or commercial concrete project.

Do you offer customized concrete?

Using concrete is a great choice for both commercial and residential buildings because it’s highly configurable. Concrete can be altered in so many ways at ATL Concrete Contractors. We will make concrete look like different materials by adding colors, decorative stamping, and stamping.